In 1966, the legislative branch of the federal government signed the Animal Welfare Act into law. This major government action allows animals to be treated, however, it sets standards for treatment in order to prevent the worst from occurring. The problem with this act is that it only covers: any live or dead dog, cat, nonhuman primate, guinea pig, hamsters, and rabbits, it doesn't contain any information on the treatment of birds, rats, or mice. This causes these three animals to make up over 95% of animal research using conditions illegal to the other animals.
        This act was created in order to prevent pets from being stolen and put on sale in laboratories, and to improve the treatment and well-being of the animals intended for research. The Animal Care Program is administered by the federal government and helps to carry out the guidelines proposed in the Animal Care Policy Manual. This document is comprised of 29 policies that help breakdown the AWA regulations.
Public Policies
Animal Welfare Act: